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Seller Guide

Beyler and Co – Guide to Selling Property in North Cyprus

The professional and experienced sales team at Beyler & Co are on hand to guide you through each stage of the sales process.

If you have any questions that are not covered here please contact us.

Why Sell With Beyler and Co?
Here's what it will take to attract potential buyers for your home.

Our process begins with getting to know you and your home. In an initial meeting, before entering into our Agency Agreement, a Beyler & Co representative will sit down and discuss the current property market and provide a realistic valuation. Once you are happy to proceed, he or she will take exterior and interior photos, measure each room, and assess your home's key features. The Associate will also ask about any improvements you may have made over the years to maximise the marketing potential.

We will then email you your property details, for you to confirm all the details are correct prior to the property going live on our system.

Once you list with Beyler & Co we will immediately start marketing your property on all our advertising portals and social media sites to help you achieve a timely sale at the best possible price.

To make an appointment for an initial meeting please email [email protected]
Selling Process
Preparing to Sell Your Home
Here's how to be certain your home will be its most appealing to a potential buyer.

In order that we are in a position to take photographs of your property that fully do it justice, it should be prepared prior to our arrival. The photographs are your best way of convincing potential purchasers that your home is somewhere they wish to live. Here is a checklist of things to help you prepare your house for viewing and photographing:

  • Move all vehicles away from the building.
  • Hide away items such as washing lines, bins, building materials and toys
  • Tidy the garden
  • If you have garden furniture and a sun umbrella, and the weather is suitable, then please set it up.
A light clear property, free of clutter, is always good for photographing.
  • Ensure that all bulbs in all light fittings are working. Although I will be photographing in daylight, light fittings add a warmth and decorative quality to a house
  • Clear clutter from work surfaces, shelves, tables and beds
  • Make up all beds. Even if a bedroom is not in use it greatly improves presentation if a duvet or cover is covering the bed
  • Remove clothes from the back of doors and hide slippers away
  • Hide and tidy trailing cables
  • Hide pet beds, bowls and litter trays
  • Clear notice boards and remove fridge magnets
  • Ensure that work surfaces in the kitchen are tidy and clear of most cooking utensils
  • Vases of flowers and bowls of fruit will always make a good focal point in interior shots
  • Tidy away the hundred and one lotions, potions, medicines and toothbrushes that we all store in our bathrooms. They can soon be resurrected when I am gone.
  • Add special touches to create an inviting atmosphere
  • Fresh flowers
  • Scented candles